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To breed, produce and
market the world's
finest pork that is
high quality, delicious,
healthy and consistent.

"creating success...
...from pig to plate"


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          Over 45 years of bred-in quality, taste and tenderness from our unique, old line, purebred genetic lines, producing the "World's Finest Pork" with the very finest flavor. TRULINE Premium Pork is a unique premium quality product... raised with special care under a strict code of health and husbandry! Tenderly grown and finished free from the feeding of antibiotics and animal by-products! A natural, premium product without hormones or preservatives, and with no water added. USDA inspected and identity preserved directly from the farm to you!  Experience the distinctive delicious natural flavor of TRULINE Premium Pork! "Old Fashion Taste and Tenderness."

          TRULINE Premium Pork markets two distinct quality levels of pork. The Premium label product is a superior premium quality product that is all natural, antibiotic free. The Gourmet label product is produces the same way, but from a specialty bred line that produces "The Very Finest" product available! TRUELINE Premium Pork provides products through direct retail and to the restaurant and institutional industries.

Trueline Premium Pork Testimonials  

Hello Mr Forkner:

First of all, let me tell you the pork package arrived on Friday, 1/27/06. The product arrived in fine shape. Second, the pork chops are fantastic. There is no pork like your product sold in stores around this area-no marbling, just pink and dry when cooked. I had one of the chops on the day they arrived-juicy and tender. Your chops are the best I've eaten.

Also, the bacon is just great! There is a distinct difference in quality from most bacon sold in my area. I'm planning to order some of your brats as they sound like a real treat!!

You'll be hearing from me...
Best wishes,